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Design-Friendly Smart Home Products That Won't Cramp Your Style

Design-Friendly Smart Home Products That Won't Cramp Your Style

When many people think of smart home tech, they envision large black boxes, tangled wires and complex interfaces but the connected home has come a long way since its beginnings. Smart home technology is now more décor-friendly than ever with products in every size, shape, color or finish imaginable. If you’re interested in adding smart functionality to your home, try these Z-Wave compatible options that won’t get in the way of existing décor.

Amazon Echo in White

Want to add voice control to your smart home? The Amazon Echo is equal parts stylish and functional. A hands-free speaker that can also control your home, the Amazon Echo works with a large range of Z-Wave compatible hubs to add voice command functionality. Simply ask Alexa to turn on living room lights or to set the temperature – the possibilities are endless and the streamlined Echo looks right at home with any décor.

Wink Hub 2

You can’t have a smart home without a hub, so why not choose one that can easily slip behind a TV or look equally great on a bookshelf? At just over 7” tall and 1” wide, the Wink Hub 2 is a slim but powerful choice for managing your smart home with style. Features like auto-discovery of smart home devices and a simple setup process ensures that you can easily get your system setup and continue to add to it quickly and efficiently.

Dome by Elexa Door/Window Sensor Pro (available soon on Z-Wave.com)

This new door/window sensor from Dome fits in perfectly with any homes décor and budget. Its slick, modern design and two-color options help it blend in with in your homes environment. It also comes matte finished allowing you to paint it any color. Temperature sensor, long range, and 10 year battery life make this sensor both functional and great to look at.

Kwikset Contemporary Z-Wave Smart Lock Deadbolt

There are a lot of Z-Wave compatible smart door lock options out there, so choosing one that perfectly suits your home style is easy. This deadbolt from Kwikset looks perfect on the front door of a home with modern architecture with its industrial look-and-feel. Its motor-driven deadbolt latch allows for remote locking and unlocking, and requires no hardwiring so it can be installed quickly.

FIBARO Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor (Assorted Colors)

Fibaro is known for their range of color choices and unique product design. The Fibaro Z-Wave Door/Window sensors can be mounted to doors or windows in your home so you can monitor potential unwanted activity in your home. They can also be used in conjunction with smart scenes to activate lighting throughout the home. These sensors come in six finishes to blend in with a variety of door and window panes, offering sensor functionality that is also design-friendly.


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Z-Wave Smart Homes Help Keep Kids Safe

Z-Wave Smart Homes Help Keep Kids Safe

For most parents, the prospect of leaving their children at home alone can inspire fears ranging from minor mishaps to major disaster. There is always concern about what the kids are up to and who may be invited in when mom and dad are not home to supervise, or even the possibility of an accident occurring when the child is alone.

Building Your Smart Home on a Small, Medium & Large Budget

Building Your Smart Home on a Small, Medium & Large Budget

How much does smart home technology cost? It's not an easy question to answer. It's not as if you can walk into your local big box store and ask for a medium-sized lighting system with a side order of climate control.

Home Security Bear - Vivint

Remote Home Security - ADT Pulse

Preparing for Summer Vacation: Keep Your Home Safe While You're Away

Preparing for Summer Vacation: Keep Your Home Safe While You're Away

Are you ready for summer travel season? With Memorial Day on the horizon, and school almost finished for the year, many people already have vacation plans for the summer planned out. But have you thought about accommodations for your home while you’re away? Don’t let the threat of intruders take away from enjoying your time off. Utilize some smart home gear from Z-Wave and make your home look lived in – even if it’s not.

Adding Smarts to Your Garden

Adding Smarts to Your Garden

Smart home tech doesn't have to be limited to the four walls of your house - there are quite a bit of ways to enhance your outdoor experience with some connected tech.

GE Z-Wave Plug-in Outdoor Smart Switch

GE Z-Wave Products Overview by Jasco

5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with Z-Wave

5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with Z-Wave

By now, you're probably familiar with the basics of what a smart home can do: unlock and lock your doors remotely, control devices like lights and thermostats from your smart app and allow these gadgets to talk to one another and create automated scenes to make life easier and comfortable.

Z-Wave vs. Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth: A Breakdown

Z-Wave vs. Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth: A Breakdown

One of the easiest ways of explaining an unfamiliar technology is to compare it with something people already understand. That's why you might hear things like: "It's like Wi-Fi, but…" or "It's similar to Bluetooth, but…" when talking about Z-Wave

A Functional Smart Home Relies on the Little Things


You should look for accessories that not only work with your chosen DIY home automation system, but also with other types of systems. This is a good way to keep you options open in case you choose a different system in the future. Buying Z-Wave accessories, like the ones we highlight below, is a good way to accomplish this

Optimizing The Smart Home For The IoT

Internet of Things Today

As the IoT continues its explosive growth, the role of the home will become increasingly critical. It is time to ensure the security, efficiency and compatibility of the devices that will fuel this growth...

Best Smart Locks of 2016

Tom's Guide

Of all the different types of smart home products — lights, thermostats and cameras, to name a few — smart door locks are among the most popular. Going beyond the simple key, these locks can be operated using your smartphone, and can be connected to a larger smart home system to make your life easier.

Become an Awesome Neighbor with Smart Home Technology


Instead, just use smart locks to give them a virtual key, and to give a virtual key to baby sitters, dog walkers, and temporary guests. You don't need to ask your neighbor to water your lawn while you're out of town, or to check to see if you closed the garage door and turned off the lights. You can monitor your lawn watering, and the status of your doors and lights, with your smartphone or tablet.

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Expert: Apps, video doorbells improve safety

Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise

For example, if someone needs to be let into my house when I’m not there, I can let someone in, and can even join with a thermostat or some Z-Wave lights. Z-Wave is a wireless technology that lets smart devices communicate with one another. Household products are made "smart" when Z-Wave connectivity is added inside the product’s design.

Get Smart With Stacey: When Gadgets, Voice Commands Don't Play Nice

PC Mag

But you could also do Z-Wave. I recommend you steer clear of ZigBee for this because I haven't yet found a ZigBee switch I love. Aeontec and Fibaro offer these $40 modules that fit inside your electrical box that will allow you to keep your switch, if you happen to like your switches.

Three of the Best Uses for Smart Home Technology

House O Matic

Smart home technology is still shiny and new, and people are adapting to it more and more every day.

The Best Smart Home Automation Hubs of 2017


Icontrol Networks Piper Nv - this multifaceted device also controls and interacts with various Z-Wave home automation devices, including smart switches and dimmers, door and window sensors, and range extenders.