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Smart Home Lighting Products to Brighten Any Home

Smart Home Lighting Products to Brighten Any Home

We talk a lot about getting started with a smarter home because it can seem daunting to pick out products and make sure they work for you. Smart lighting is a great place to start because installation is straightforward and simple, as well as easily expandable. There are lots of great benefits to adding smart lighting to your home – you can closely monitor your home energy usage and potentially save money, set scenes that make life at home easier and more enjoyable, or help make your home look occupied while you’re away.

Whether you already have a few smart lighting products or are completely new to smart home technology, there are plenty of Z-Wave device options that you can mix and match depending on your individual needs. Start with a Z-Wave compatible hub and grab one of these six lighting devices.

GE by Jasco Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart LED Dimmable Light Bulb

Start with the simplest of smart lighting products – the smart bulb. GE by Jasco’s Enbrighten LED option is a cost-effective choice and setup is simple and straightforward. Grab a few bulbs and install in lamps across every room of your home, then link them to scenes and schedules that fit your family’s lifestyle. Even better, each bulb only consumes approximately 9 watts of power that burn for up to 25,000 hours meaning they could last for up to 22 years if used for 3 hours a day.

GoControl Linear Scene Capable Wall Switch Z-Wave Dimmer

This GoControl Linear Wall Switch Dimmer works in place of a standard wall dimmer, and can be wired anywhere power is available without the need for a traveler wire. Like a smart bulb, it allows for remote on/off control and dimming of connected lights but still gives you local control on the wall, making it a great addition to anywhere in your home you may have an existing dimmer.

ZOOZ Z-Wave Plus Mini Plug On/Off Module

You don’t have to limit yourself to lightbulbs to smarten up your home’s lighting setup. A smart plug-in on/off module like this option from ZOOZ controls lighting as well as small appliances (must be on/off compatible) that can be synced with other smart lighting products in your home. You can also monitor energy usage from the outlet in real time or trends over time. And because of its small size, the ZOOZ module doesn’t block a top or bottom outlet allowing for additional installation flexibility.

Aeotec Z-Wave LED Strip

At just over 16 feet long, the powerful Aeotec LED strip offers 16 million colors including a true white shade that can be used to brighten a room or add atmosphere making it incredibly versatile. The LED strip is simple to install – just stick it wherever, connect it to your Z-Wave hub, and it’s instantly controllable via your hub’s app, or through voice control like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Add it as part of a kid’s room setup to flash their favorite colors, or set it up on a back porch to add atmosphere to nights spent relaxing outdoors.

GE by Jasco Z-Wave Plug-in Outdoor Smart Switch

Don’t limit your smart lighting control to inside of the home – add smart functionality to outdoor landscaping or exterior lighting setups with the GE by Jasco Plug-in Outdoor Switch. Encased in a weather- resistant cover, this switch is compatible with a wide range of lighting types like incandescent, LED, xenon, halogen, fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, making it a versatile option for your existing outdoor setups.

There are lots of other lighting devices to choose from on the Z-Wave.com site – if you’re looking for assistance reach out to our support specialists via live chat or phone and they can walk you through the perfect devices for your home.

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