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Get Organized This School Year with These Three Smart Home Products

Get Organized This School Year with These Three Smart Home Products

No matter which Amazon Echo product you choose, there are plenty of options for streamlining life at home with voice control. Even better? Asking Alexa to control devices or scenes in your home is both simple and fun for kids of any age group. After installing Z-Wave devices like lighting, security, comfort or more, kids can ask Alexa to brighten desk lamps while they work on homework, lock the front door, or turn the temperature up or down. You can see all of their activity from an app on your smartphone so you turn down the temperature if it’s set too high or turn off lights if there are too many turned on. Check out our recently launched Amazon Echo page that walks you through each step and product you need to implement voice control solutions for every room in the home, from your living room to the garage.

Aeotec Z-Wave Wallmote Quad

Another way to make control of your home simpler? Sync multiple devices to a controller like the Aeotec Z-Wave Wallmote Quad that is as much fun as it is functional (smart hub still required). Simply mount the Wallmote Quad anywhere in your home and set each quadrant to respond to a different device or scene. For example, a swipe on the first quadrant could turn on the kitchen lights while a swipe on the second quadrant turns on the porch lamp. A push on the third quadrant could be used to turn on a “wake up” scene to get the kids up and out of bed. The Wallmote Quad can be completely customized to fit your home needs so you can use it the way that makes sense for you and your family. A fun bonus? The colorful LED lights inside of the Wallmote Quad make it a cool addition to a kid’s room or playroom.


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Preparing for Summer Vacation: Keep Your Home Safe While You're Away

Preparing for Summer Vacation: Keep Your Home Safe While You're Away

Are you ready for summer travel season? With Memorial Day on the horizon, and school almost finished for the year, many people already have vacation plans for the summer planned out. But have you thought about accommodations for your home while you’re away? Don’t let the threat of intruders take away from enjoying your time off. Utilize some smart home gear from Z-Wave and make your home look lived in – even if it’s not.

The Ultimate in Garage Tech

The Ultimate in Garage Tech

Garages, along with the cars inside them, used to be a status symbol, but these days, if all you've got are 3 walls, a door and a place to house your car, it's not that impressive. To make it more than merely an Airbnb for your Prius—it needs to be smart! Of course, adding smart home control to your garage can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be.

GE Z-Wave Quick Overview by Jasco

Linear - Z-Wave 3-Way Wall Mount Dimmer

Keeping Your Teenagers Safe with Z-Wave

Keeping Your Teenagers Safe with Z-Wave

With smart Z-wave home technology, your teen can enjoy even more freedom without compromising your peace of mind

Deck the Halls with a Z-Wave Smart Home!

Deck the Halls with a Z-Wave Smart Home!

Holiday decorating – whether you have a small set up or a full blown light show in your front yard – is part of getting in the holiday spirit. But it doesn't have to be hard – some quick smart home gear can be you started!

Notifications & Alerts - AT&T Digital Life

Z-Wave Smart Home Lighting & Security

Z-Wave to the Rescue: Prevent Water Damage

Z-Wave to the Rescue: Prevent Water Damage

Whether your winters are frozen over or soggy and gloomy, the end of winter means one thing for most of us: a greater risk of water damage. Whether it's frozen pipes that have burst, or spring rains that bring flooding, or drainage systems that are clogged, water in the home is a real issue in the spring. Either way, early detection can make all the difference.

Top Tips to Getting Started with a Z-Wave Smart Home

Top Tips to Getting Started with a Z-Wave Smart Home

This month we're going back to basics with Josh from ZWaveZone.com, an awesome resource for everything Z-Wave home automation related. If you're new to the world of smart home, you may be wondering where to start and how using Z-Wave can benefit you and your home. Josh offers his top tips and tricks to getting started with a Z-Wave home and products he loves.

Smarthome 101: How to make your home smarter


We hear an awful lot about smart homes these days. We know about smartphones, smart watches, smart appliances, smart cars, and more. As these separate devices converge around the places we're in the most, the internet of things rises up around us.

5 Quick Smart Home Updates to Revamp Your House


Smart homes may seem intimidating but here are a few quick summer projects you can do to reinvent your dumb home and bring it to life as a smart one.

Week 2: Paul's Smart Home Diary


For while this diary is going to be all about the latest and greatest smart home tech – an area I consider myself at least mildly authoritative on – getting that tech connected and playing nicely is a different beast entirely.

Get Smart With Stacey: How Do I Set Up Automatic Blinds?

PC Mag

I have Somfy motorized blinds, and I ended up buying a Z-wave controller that translates Somfy's proprietary protocol to Z-wave so I could control it with the Echo, $179.99 at Amazon using a hub like SmartThings or Wink, $60.28 at Amazon for voice control.

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Top 10 gadgets for your smart home: Bediator, dish cleaner, robotic vacuum cleaner, wireless sensor, others

International Business Times

Z-Wave wireless sensor: This gadget is perfect for maintaining safety; it monitors the doors and windows and sends out an alarm via text message and e-mail if any suspicious and intrusive activities are detected.

Optimizing The Smart Home For The IoT

Internet of Things Today

As the IoT continues its explosive growth, the role of the home will become increasingly critical. It is time to ensure the security, efficiency and compatibility of the devices that will fuel this growth...

The Best Smart Home Automation Hubs of 2017


Icontrol Networks Piper Nv - this multifaceted device also controls and interacts with various Z-Wave home automation devices, including smart switches and dimmers, door and window sensors, and range extenders.

Simple Home Automation Solutions With Design in Mind

Huffington Post

If you're still manually turning your lights on and off, 2016 should be the year you finally dare to embrace home automation. Smart home solutions can help you streamline your life to be more efficient and productive. Plus, with fewer home tasks to worry about, you'll end up with more time, energy, and money for the things that really matter.