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4 Z-Wave Smart Tech Products That Make for Perfect Housewarming Gifts

4 Z-Wave Smart Tech Products That Make for Perfect Housewarming Gifts

By: Sage Singleton, Safewise.com

Know someone who just turned the key to their new home? While you can always default to typical housewarming gift ideas like wine, candles, and baked goods, the gift of home automation and tech is thoughtful and will add convenience to the lives of your friends and family. Check out this list of the top four tech gadgets under $200 (starting as low as $25) to give the best modern housewarming gift.

August Smart Lock Pro / Under $300

The August Smart Lock Pro lets you lock and unlock your door, create virtual keys for guests, and keep track of who comes and goes with a 24/7 activity log, all from your iOS or Android smartphone.

Why Homeowners Will Love It: New homeowners whose kids come home from school while they’re at work will know their kids are safe. Or homeowners who have pet sitters, mail deliveries, and more can get updates of who is entering the home while they’re away so they can protect their house, belongings, and family.

Standout Feature

· Stand-Alone Tech. It’s the only lock to work with the top three leading voice assistants Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Nest Indoor Security Camera / Under $200

There are lots of indoor security cameras on the market, but Nest makes one of the best. Besides having two-way communication, Nest’s security camera has incredible HD video capture and a wide-angle lens to maximize what it—and the new homeowner—can see.

Why Homeowners Will Love It: The Nest indoor security camera is super tiny and fits in seamlessly with any décor. Plus, it’s easy to integrate and setup with existing home automation products (especially other Nest products and Z-Wave hubs), and is very user-friendly if this is the new homeowner’s first foray into home automation.

Standout Feature

Versatility. You can pitch this camera to the new homeowner as a security device if they are worried about securing their home. You can also explain this camera can be used as a nanny cam if they have a little one, or even as a pet cam to keep an eye on their pets while at work.

Amazon Echo Dot / Under $50

Is the new homeowner a busy bee? Then they’ll love the Amazon Echo Dot. This small hub uses Bluetooth to play back news, music, game scores, and weather updates. It can also turn off your lights and set an alarm for you to wake up to. This device is small but powerful; it can hear your voice over talking, the TV, and music. So, if the new homeowner has screaming kids, barking dogs, and other chaos, they’ll still be able to get a word in edgewise with this cool gadget.

It also works with Z-Wave smart home tech, so if they already have some smart products, they’ll love using their voice to activate them.

Why Homeowners Will Love It: Homeowners can buy multiple Amazon Echo Dot devices to stay connected wherever they are in the home. Plus, these devices are compatible with all Amazon and Z-Wave products, so your giftee can build a complete smart home package going forward.

Standout Feature

· Voice controlled home automation: The Echo Dot allows you to control your Z-Wave smart home devices through simple voice commands like “Alexa, turn on upstairs lamp!”

Zooz Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug / Under $40

Smart plugs are incredible—especially the Zooz Z-Wave Smart Plug. This smart plug comes with 2 additional USB charging ports so your homeowner friend can charge their phone from the same outlet that their light is plugged into. Plus, this smart plug monitors energy use, allowing them to get some insight into their utility bills and save money.

Why Homeowners Will Love It: The Zooz Z-Wave Smart Plug turns any basic appliance plugged in to it into a smart electronic. If the new homeowner forgets to shut off their lights, they can do so from the office. They can even turn lights on and off while on vacation for added home security or turn on the coffee pot from bed.

Standout Feature

· Simple Use. All your giftee needs to do is sync this plug with existing smart hubs in their home, then, plug it in. It’s that simple.

Hopefully now you have a few ideas for housewarming gifts for your lucky friends and family members. Smart home technology is revolutionizing homes everywhere, and it a gift that can easily be expanded upon. The new homeowner is bound to love whatever you choose.

Author Bio: Sage is a safety expert for SafeWise. She enjoys teaching, individuals, families and communities about safe home and lifestyle habits. In her free time, she enjoys wedding planning, traveling and learning French.


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