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3 Smart Home Projects to Work on This Spring

3 Smart Home Projects to Work on This Spring

Ah, Spring. The weather is finally warm enough to open the windows, soak in some backyard sun and most importantly – get projects done around the house! Whether it's the inside or outside of your home that could use some fine tuning, we have a smart home project using Z-Wave tech for you. Check out these 3 projects that you can do over the weekend without spending a ton of time or money.

Install smart home tech in your garage

What you need: Smart Hub, Z-Wave door controller

You may already have smart home tech inside of your home, but what about inside of your garage? With a Z-Wave powered garage door controller, you can easily control your garage doors from anywhere using an app on your smart phone. This reduces the need for old-school remotes that you have to fumble with in your car as you pull into the driveway.

You can even sync your garage door controller to other compatible smart home devices in your home to create a "Welcome Home" scene that opens your garage door and turns on exterior and interior lighting.

Secure your home inside and out

What you need: Smart Hub , Door and window sensor, Smart Alarm or Siren, Smart Locks

Speaking of adding smart tech outside of the home, making sure your doors and windows are securely monitored is one way to use Z-Wave products. Add a door sensor to your garage door and your front door, as well as any other doors around the home that you want to monitor. You'll receive an alert to your phone when the door or window is tampered with and either open or closed. In addition to door or window sensors, you could go a more traditional route and install an indoor wireless siren or a smart door lock.

An indoor wireless siren like the Everspring Z-Wave Indoor Siren will give a loud, adjustable flashing alert when other Z-Wave devices like a window or flood sensor are triggered. Add a smart lock like one of the many options from Schlage and ditch your house keys by setting up custom passcodes for every member of the family. This option also comes with a built-in alarm that alerts you to activity at the door.

Smarten up your indoor or outdoor fans

What you need: Smart Hub, Smart Fan Control

One of the best parts of spring weather is being able to sit outside on a front porch or inside with the windows cracked open. Using a ceiling fan is a great way to keep home temperatures stable but did you know you can actually smarten those up too? If you have a ceiling fan inside or outside, set it up with an in-wall fan control that replaces standard in-wall switches to remotely control your fans. Options like the GE Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Fan Control come in colors to match standard faceplates and can be synced with other Z-Wave control devices like a light switch so that when you turn off a living room smart light via your smartphone app, your ceiling fan will turn off as well.

Feeling inspired? Visit our Solutions page to get more ideas on ways to build out your Z-Wave smart home.


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