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5 Every Day Problems Your Smart Home Can Solve

5 Every Day Problems Your Smart Home Can Solve

Life gets busy. We get that. Between chauffeuring the kids around, late meetings, and a seemingly endless list of to-dos, it's easy to lose track of what you have and haven't done. Those lingering thoughts creep their way into your head constantly. You know the kind – “did I forget to pay that bill?” or “did I water the flowers before we left for vacation?” A smart home can help ease your worries and provide you the peace of mind you need to keep yourself on track with the rest of your day. Here are a few problems that keeping your home connected can solve.

  1. Did I lock the front door?

You're rushing around in the morning, trying to get the kids organized and fed. You run out the door with just moments to spare. Driving to work the thought hits you – “did I lock the front door?” Don't let these nagging thoughts ruin you day. Simply use a smart lock that allows you to lock your door remotely with a swipe on your smartphone.

  1. Is my stove still turned on?

The front door likely isn't the only thing in your home you worry about leaving. Kitchen appliances like the iron or the stove also have a tendency to be forgotten as you rush around, running errands. With a Z-Wave smart home appliance module or a smart plug, controlling your kitchen is as easy as the press of a button.

  1. The forecast is calling for 30 degrees tonight – is my heat set?

As temperatures continue to drop every week and winter weather right around the corner, it's increasingly important to make sure your home's heating is set correctly. Use a Z-Wave smart thermostat to control climate in your home, no matter where you are and come home to a perfectly heated home.

  1. Will my house be safe while I'm away this weekend?

If you're headed on vacation, forget about spending money on a house sitter or installing a pre-programmed lighting timer that lacks customization. There are a number of ways to keep your home safe with Z-Wave technology but a security system is a great starting point. Install a security camera that can be monitored from your mobile phone like the Piper nv smart home security system. The Piper is an all-in-one security system that packs a motion sensor, 180-degree surveillance camera, 105 dB siren, and a two-way intercom system. This small, versatile system directly alerts you of any emergencies and motion sensors automatically record video from its camera.

  1. Is Fido digging in the trash again?

Pets can easily get into trouble at home while you're away, and a smart home is a great way to help deter bad behavior. If Fido has a habit of digging in the kitchen trash, for example, simply install a smart sensor on the door frame that activates as soon as they walk through it. This same sensor can also be set to activate a pre-recorded warning – “Fido, stop!” – via a wireless speaker system.


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