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Z-Wave Smart Home Holiday Gift Guide

Z-Wave Smart Home Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect Holiday gifts for your family? The experts at Z-Wave.com are here to make your shopping experience easier with starter bundles that can be customized to fit the exact needs and skill level of everyone on your holiday shopping list!

For the apartment-dweller or renter on your list

Smart home tech isn't just for homeowners - thanks to the wireless capabilities of Z-Wave, you can secure an apartment or condo quickly, easily, and portably thanks to products like Piper NV. On its own, Piper NV is an all-in-one security system with a built-in surveillance camera, motion sensing, remote monitoring, and a security siren, all in package that's small enough to fit in your hand.

Add it to Z-Wave's simple 3-Step Home Security and you can extend Piper's security capabilities form a single room to an entire home. Or you can create your own bundle and add smart home tech like wireless lighting, smart plugs, and more. Setup is quick and easy, and best of all—no monthly monitoring fees!

For the frequent flyer

We all have that one family member who's constantly on the road, whether for work or leisure. Giving the gift of smart home is perfect for them. First, it's a great way to keep tabs on their home from literally anywhere in the world. For another thing, smart home technology can actually prevent potential disasters like leaking pipes or a busted hot water heater while they're on the road.

Start them off with a basic home protection bundle that includes a smart hub and water sensor, and they'll be alerted the instant water starts to flow where it ought not be flowing. If you're feeling extra generous, you could also add an automated water shutoff valve for a completely hands-off, flood-free smart home.

For the party host or hostess

If you have someone on your Holiday shopping list who regularly hosts parties or get-togethers, one great way to make his or her life a lot easier is with smart lighting. After all, there's no easier way to set the mood for an evening or afternoon—dim accents for a quiet dinner party; bright lighting in the den and on the patio for a Super Bowl bash; gentle bathroom illumination for sleepovers. But who has time to keep tabs on every light switch and dimmer when the house is full of guests?

With a good smart lighting system, though, there's no need to worry about every outlet or switch. You can easily dial your lights to the perfect level to fit any mood, and recall those settings at the touch of a button. And all you need to get started is something like the One Touch Living starter kit, which includes your choice of a smart hub, lighting controls and/or smart bulbs, and even motion sensors.

For the techie who already has (almost) everything

What if you're stuck shopping for someone who already has a fully decked-out Z-Wave smart home? Don't fret; there's no need to resort to your fallback plan of socks and gift cards just yet. Do they already have voice control in their smart home? If not, an Amazon Echo (or even an Echo Dot, if you just need a stocking stuffer) is a great smart home add-on.

Or how about a Button? It's simple. It's stylish. It's certainly a conversation starter. What does it to, you ask? Pretty much anything, actually. The Fibaro Button can be programmed to trigger up to six smart home activities via a single-click, double-click, triple-click, etc., from activating lighting scenes to locking doors, arming the alarm, or whatever your imagination can dream up. It's also the perfect gift if you're worried about giving something the recipient already has. After all, the Button is so versatile and so utterly simple that you could have one in every room and it still wouldn't be too many.

And don't forget – you can give these gifts with a note about Z-Wave.com's stellar customer support (free!) online or on the phone, so they won't struggle when they set everything up.

Happy Holidays!


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