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Z-Wave Smart Homes Help Keep Kids Safe

Z-Wave Smart Homes Help Keep Kids Safe

For most parents, the prospect of leaving their children at home alone can inspire fears ranging from minor mishaps to major disaster. There is always concern about what the kids are up to and who may be invited in when mom and dad are not home to supervise, or even the possibility of an accident occurring when the child is alone.

Families may put some of these anxieties aside and get peace of mind by using smart home monitoring devices enabled by Z-Wave technology. These systems let homeowners keep track of what happens after children come home from school. It's easy for parents to use these systems to check up on latch key kids who may have forgotten to call to say that they have arrived home safely. Z-Wave enabled smart locks can be set up to send a text message when their child enters the house, allowing parents to monitor their kids' comings and goings while still allowing kids to be kids.

The technology connects with smartphones over the internet, giving parents at work the option of activating features that can report who goes in and out of the house and to monitor what happens there. Using a smartphone, PC or tablet, a Z-Wave thermostat can be activated remotely to turn on the heat before children arrive home, a feature that can provide reassurance that their children aren't returning to a cold house. Z-Wave products can also alert parents via text or email to let them know if the kids leave the house, and then gives them the control via Z-Wave to turn off lights, adjust the thermostat and be sure the front door is locked through just a touch of a button on a smartphone, ensuring the home is secure and that the utility bill doesn't go through the roof.

Securing the Household

Parents who worry about intruders coming into the home while their children are alone can use Z-Wave home security features to activate cameras on the premises via their smartphones. Panic buttons can be set up to activate sirens and turn on lights in the event that a child is threatened.

Smoke sensors and C02 sensors can also trigger alerts to parents to give them real-time warning of other safety issues and allowing them to respond quickly to these emergencies.

When it comes to the safety and comfort of your children, every precaution must be taken. With a remote home monitoring system powered by Z-Wave technology, you can be sure that your children are safe and well taken care of even if you aren't home to directly supervise them.


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