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Z-Wave to the Rescue: Prevent Water Damage

Z-Wave to the Rescue: Prevent Water Damage

Whether your winters are frozen over or soggy and gloomy, the end of winter means one thing for most of us: a greater risk of water damage. Whether it's frozen pipes that have burst, or spring rains that bring flooding, or drainage systems that are clogged, water in the home is a real issue in the spring. Either way, when it comes to water damage, early detection can make all the difference between a soggy inconvenience and a soaking wet disaster. And with a Z-Wave home improvement starter kit, you can use smart home tech to detect and alert you of any busted pipes, leaky plumbing, or flooding basements that may threaten to put a damper on your spring fever.

Protecting your home from water damage with smart home technology isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, though. There are a number of Z-Wave solutions designed specifically to detect (and prevent) a variety of potential water disasters, allowing you to assemble and install a complete connected water protection system tailor-made for your unique home.

FIBARO's Flood Sensor, for example, is perfect for placement in those out-of-the-way locations where water can collect quickly before you'd notice—basements, under the sink, or even under your HVAC closet or hot water heater. Not only will its built-in alarm alert you instantly in the event of any flooding, drastic changes in temperature, or tampering, but it will also notify you via your smartphone app in the event that water starts piling up when you're not home.

But what if you're so far away from home that you just can't get there fast enough to stave off an aquatic disaster even with instant notification? Smart home to the rescue. Z-Wave products like the Fortrezz Wireless Water Valve it communicates with the rest of your Z-Wave network and can respond immediately to an alert from water and temperature sensors around the home. And if anything suspicious pops up—a leak, for example, or even a drastic drop in temperature—it engages a motorized ball valve that instantly turns off the main water supply, right at the source.

Placing a water sensor is one thing – but installing a water shutoff valve may be a little frightening for all but the most hardcore do-it-yourselfer. If that's the case, we can help - visit Z-Wave.com and you'll find a link that'll help you locate a pro in your area to handle the installation for you. And if you're worried about the additional expense, consider this: many insurance companies will actually give you a discount on your flood protection insurance premiums if you have a FortrezZ Wireless Water Valve installed.

So it's not just about the additional protection and peace of mind; protecting your home from water damage with Z-Wave can actually save you money, even if you never suffer a broken pipe or inundated basement.


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