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Control your home with the Apple Watch? Z-Wave's got it covered.

Control your home with the Apple Watch? Z-Wave's got it covered.

The Apple Watch is already great at a lot of things. It's perfect for keeping tabs on your personal fitness goals, for quickly checking (and even replying to) text messages and phone calls, for glancing at the weather forecast, and even for paying for purchases with Apple Pay. But what about controlling your home?

It may seem counterintuitive at first. After all, one of the major benefits of a Z-Wave smart home is that everything can be controlled from one app. That doesn't work quite as well on the Apple Watch's compact screen, which needs specialized apps aimed at very specific tasks. Thankfully the smart home community has figured that out and turned a seeming weakness into one of the Watch's greatest strengths.

Browse the Apple Watch store and you'll find well over 10,000 apps, and these days an increasing number of them are dedicated to the smart home. SmartThings, for example, recently added Apple Watch support with an app update, and it's a perfect example of how to manage home control straight from your wrist without wading through tons of device-filled screens. Instead, you're met with just a few key scenes that you set up yourself, like "Good Morning" or "Good Night," which trigger multiple automated events with the single touch of a button.

Wink, another Z-Wave-capable home control hub, takes a slightly different but just as efficient approach by scaling down its Apple Watch experience your top-ten most-used shortcuts. That way the scenes and devices that you use the most are always accessible with a flick of the wrist whenever you need to access them.

If you're less interested in scenes and want more direct control of your individual smart home devices, you'll find all that and more (including geofencing) in the third-party VeraMate iOS/Apple Watch app for Vera smart home systems. Or you could just go straight to the source with Watch apps designed for Honeywell thermostats or Alarm.com security systems.

No matter which approach you take to controlling your smart home devices with the Apple Watch, think of it not as a complete replacement for your smartphone or dedicated home controllers. The Watch is great at providing you with quick and easy access to the specific devices and scenes you need right this very now.


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