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Gifts for Grads

Gifts for Grads

With June right around the corner, college graduation season is finally here. College students dedicate four (or more!) years to all-night studying sessions, test taking, and staying organized so they can walk across that stage and snag their diploma. Sure, you could give students a gift card or some cash but what about a smart home gift that’s as unique as it is practical? As students move onto bigger and better, that often means moving out of shared dorms or apartments and into their own place. Help the student in your life start post-grad living with a breeze with the convenience of Z-Wave smart home gear.

Here are a few of our favorite smart home products, perfect to give as a gift for grads and anyone else who may be new to smart home!

Create a bundle

Chances are, a college grad isn’t going to be moving into their own home right away. You can skip items like smart locks that apartment complexes or rented homes won’t allow and move right to a bundle of products perfect for any living space. As the brains of any smart home system, start with a hub – with its slim, modern look the Wink Hub 2 and an accompanying smartphone app is a great choice for college-aged residents. Add smart light bulbs like the GoControl Z-Wave Plus Dimmable LED Light Bulb or the GE Jasco Enbrighten series that are easy-to-install and energy efficient. Smart bulbs will last years (the Jasco Enbrighten lasts up to 22 years, depending on use) and help save money each month on electric bills. But smart bulbs can do more than just save money or offer convenience. The Aeotec Z-Wave LED Bulb emits over 16 million color combinations, perfect for adding ambience to parties or showing off to friends.

Stay safe and secure

Since smart locks are likely out of the question, how else can help grads make their place safer? Try a Piper nv SmartHome Z-Wave Plus Security System Hub that does double duty. A combination security camera and Z-Wave enable smart home hub, the Piper nv (available in black or white) lets users monitor their home from their smartphone or tablet, and receive notifications when activity is detected. The Piper nv also features temperature/light/humidity sensors, so users can be notified of potential home disasters immediately.

Add voice control

How do you round out an already impressive gift for a college grad? Add voice control with an Amazon Echo product! The Amazon Echo is a hands-free smart speaker that can be controlled by voice and is also compatible with many Z-Wave smart hubs. Sync hub linked devices to an Amazon Echo device and use commands like “Alexa, turn on living room lights” to control smart home products. Users can also ask Alexa to turn on Pandora or Spotify, ask for the weather, or set alarms and timers. The Echo Dot is an affordable alternative that offers the same voice compatibilities without a speaker, making it a great way to round out a starter smart home bundle for grads!

Get more ideas for how to use Z-Wave smart home products on our solutions pages and check out our products page for a full list of our smart devices.



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