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Keep Your Holiday Dinners Running Smoothly with Smart Home Tech

Keep Your Holiday Dinners Running Smoothly with Smart Home Tech

Hosting your whole family for a big holiday dinner is one of modern society's great rites of passage. It's a sign that you've finally made it. You're a grown up now. The turkey is yours to bake. The table is yours to set. It's a source of immeasurably pride and joy.

And it can also be a source of panic and frustration.

It doesn't have to be, though. With smart home technology, you can take the stress out of hosting your first (or fifteenth!) family holiday dinner, or at least remove some of the most common frustrations.

Smart locks, for instance, are a great way to let your guest in the front door without stepping away from your dinner preparations. Combine a smart lock with a security camera—both of which can be viewed and controlled right from your smartphone via most Z-Wave hubs—and you can easily check to see who's on your front stoop and let them in without interrupting your dinner prep.

Of course, you probably won't be locking the door behind the first guest to arrive, but that doesn't mean you can't keep tabs on all the comings and goings. Door sensors are a great way to know not only when someone else arrives, but also when a door is left open. It's easy to keep the heat in and the cold out if you know when someone's forgotten to close the door behind them.

What to do with those guests when they're in the house and you're not finished cooking, though? For one thing, you can point them in the direction of your digital voice assistant, whether it be Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The great thing about these little speakers is that even your most technophobic family members can easily cue up their own favorite festive tunes without a bit of training (meaning you won't have to show them how to work a remote).

And while they're doing so, you can use the smart home connectivity of Google Home or Alexa to keep your smart thermostat set to the right temperature as people come and go, turn lights on and off as needed or activate themed lighting scenes, and even set timers to remind you when the next dish needs to come out of the oven. As long as your smart hub is compatible with voice control, anything you can do with your control app is just a voice command away.


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Fighting Fires with Z-Wave

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Adding Smarts to Your Garden

Smart home tech doesn't have to be limited to the four walls of your house - there are quite a bit of ways to enhance your outdoor experience with some connected tech.

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Preparing for Summer Vacation: Keep Your Home Safe While You're Away

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The Ultimate in Garage Tech

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Garages, along with the cars inside them, used to be a status symbol, but these days, if all you've got are 3 walls, a door and a place to house your car, it's not that impressive. To make it more than merely an Airbnb for your Prius—it needs to be smart! Of course, adding smart home control to your garage can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be.

Become an Awesome Neighbor with Smart Home Technology


Instead, just use smart locks to give them a virtual key, and to give a virtual key to baby sitters, dog walkers, and temporary guests. You don't need to ask your neighbor to water your lawn while you're out of town, or to check to see if you closed the garage door and turned off the lights. You can monitor your lawn watering, and the status of your doors and lights, with your smartphone or tablet.

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Smart homes come with options for a home automation controller that allows the user to control things like door locks, light switches, thermostats, cameras, security systems and energy monitoring solutions from their smartphone or tablet.

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As this high-tech world we live in continues to bring new advancements to the market, more and more home buyers are also searching for a home that is smart.

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