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Make Your Yard Awesome & Automatic with these Z-Wave tricks

Make Your Yard Awesome & Automatic with these Z-Wave tricks

By Alysa Kleinman, Smart Home Solver

It’s summer, and whether that means campouts, outdoor parties, or just reading a good book on your patio, your yard is beckoning you to where the weather is nice.

Of course, getting out there is another story. Yard work and maintenance can be stressful, but simplifying it is possible using smart technology. By integrating Z-Wave devices throughout your home and yard, you can have smart home products from a variety of manufacturers all work together to make your grass greener and your outdoor space worry-free.

Plug Anything into the GE Outdoor Plug

You might have heard of smart outlets. These plugs allow you to make anything “smart.” Wanting to turn on your baby’s fan for some white noise without sneaking into her nursery? Plug the fan into a smart outlet for easy control on-the-go.

The same concept applies to the GE outdoor plug. It turns your outdoor devices on or off from within an app, while its built-in outlet cover protects from dirt and debris.

There are several ways you can use a smart outdoor plug to automate the yard. You can schedule your landscaping lights to turn on at certain times, like on at 9pm and off at 11:30pm daily, illuminating your outdoors without any effort. Another summertime use is to schedule a fountain or pool pump to turn on and off at specific times.

As a bonus for the other months of the year, your outdoor plug can also control holiday lighting on a schedule or manually.

Arm Outdoor Smart Lights

While you may be familiar with using smart lights indoors, some of them are also capable of outdoor use. For example, the GoControl dimmable smart light is designed for indoor or outdoor use. Just like when it’s used indoors, you can add to your front or back yard and turn it on or off, schedule it, or change the brightness all within the app.

But the outdoor function goes even further. Automate your outdoor smart lights with a Z-Wave camera like Piper nv. Then you can have the lights turn on when motion is detected, warding off intruders and making your security camera footage more clear.

Control Home Irrigation

The GoControl Z-Wave Irrigation Controller adds Z-Wave integration to your sprinklers. Besides scheduling and adjusting the sprinklers with your phone, you can also automate them to turn off if it’s raining, reducing your water bill and preventing overwatering. Not only does this save water, but it’s also more convenient since you can adjust the sprinklers from the office or while on vacation. If one part of your lawn is looking a little dry, just use the app to turn on specific zones.

Use a Multisensor to Get Weather Alerts

By integrating multi sensors into your yard, you can monitor the temperature and humidity. If the temperature outside is cooler than indoors, you can receive a notification to open a window, reducing your bills and cooling off your house. It’s important to note that you have to turn off the motion sensor capabilities to get the multi sensor working outdoors.

Z-Wave makes your front and back yards more comfortable, secure, and worry-free. Use these ideas to automate your outdoor environment so you can just grab a glass of lemonade and relax.


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