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Master the Elements with Your Z-Wave Smart Home

Master the Elements with Your Z-Wave Smart Home

Some of the most popular and sought after items for homeowners are things that protect and keep a home safe. Whether it's preventing burglaries and unwanted intruders or making sure your home is protected from the elements, these purchases are among the most important you can make for your family. But what about protecting your home from the elements? The weather is as unpredictable as ever, with record high temperatures, wind speeds and natural forest fires, how can you protect your home and your family? Z-Wave can help.


What is a smart thermostat really if not a means of altering the atmosphere around us? Smart climate control systems give us the ability to keep our homes dialed into the perfect temperature when we're at home, and conserve energy when we're not. Add to that the ability for your home to sense carbon monoxide and send alerts to your phone—through the air!—and you can be sure the air in your home is comfortable and livable at any moment of the day.


And the same goes for the most destructive of elements. Smart home technology can't put out fires—at least not yet—but a home automation system equipped with a Z-Wave smoke detector and alarm system could alert you to a smoldering spark before it becomes a full-blown blaze. Combine these detectors with a smart lighting system, and your home could also automatically light a path to safety for your family. You could also program exterior lights to flash in the event of a fire, drawing the attention of first responders.


A smart home system could also save your home from equally destructive water damage with a few well-placed flood sensors. But lest you think we're all about the doom and gloom here, you could also put your smart home system to work distributing water to your lawn more intelligently. With a home automation controller, a few Z-Wave relays, a bit of hose, and some sprinkler heads, you could quickly whip up a smart irrigation system that keeps track of rain showers and heat waves to ensure that your lawn never gets too much or too little of the wet stuff.


As far as we know, no one has cooked up a smart home device that lets you control the ground beneath your feet, but the best home automation controllers can keep track of where your feet are in relation to it. With SmartThings, for example, you can set up geofences that track your comings and goings and trigger automatic events in the home based on that. When the last person leaves home, for example, the front door automatically locks if it isn't locked already. Or when you arrive home after dark, the foyer light automatically turns on.

I don't know about you, but to me that sounds like elemental magic even in 2016.


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"The Z-Wave protocol lets you turn on lights from your phone before you get home or open and close a garage door to take a delivery," says Stephanie Miller, Sales Manager for Drees Homes.