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Spring Forward Simply with Smart Home Tech

Spring Forward Simply with Smart Home Tech

The evenings are getting brighter and the days are warmer. It can only mean one thing - spring is almost here! With spring comes the reminder to turn our clocks forward an hour for Daylight Savings Time. Are you prepared to spring forward? How can a smart home help ensure that this transition doesn't totally throw off your daily routine?

Here are a few suggestions that can be easily changed as the time difference does.

Adjust your AM wakeup

Sure, for many of us our smartphones serve as our alarm clocks but power outages and unexpected malfunctions can increase the risk of your phone dying and making you late to work. With smart home scenes, there's no need to worry. A morning wake up scene that opens your shades, adjusts the thermostat, and turns on your Keurig – all at a preset time – ensuring that even if your alarm doesn't wake you up, your home will.

Sync your lights to fit your schedule

One of the best parts of pushing the hour hand forward is that our days seem longer and we have the sun for just a little bit longer. With a smart home, it's easy to make sure your lighting schedules match your personal ones. Since winter has shorter, darker days, you don't want to end up with your porch or interior lights running unnecessarily. Many devices can be set to go on and off in accordance with the sunrise and sunset, making it “smarter" than your average programmable device.

Keep your landscaping looking great

For many homeowners, spring means one thing – resurrecting your landscaping all over again. Lush, green grass requires irrigation systems that are customizable to fit your lawn's unique needs. Put together a few solenoid valves, some hose, and a few Z-Wave relays like the Fortrezz MIMOlite to create a programmable irrigation system that's easy to program and can be operated remotely. You can also use weatherproof smart plugs like the GE Z-Wave Plug-in Outdoor Smart Switch in coordination with pre-programmed outdoor scenes to control outdoor lighting or other landscaping features.

If you have existing smart home products, spring may be a good time to take stock of what's working for your lifestyle and what isn't. If you've recently added on to your home or started a new job that requires late hours, switching over to spring is the perfect opportunity to made changes to schedules or scenes and find new products. Browse our selection of hundreds of Z-Wave smart home products and visit our solutions page for inspiration.


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