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Four Quick Ways Smart Home Tech Can Help Sell Your House Faster

Four Quick Ways Smart Home Tech Can Help Sell Your House Faster

According to a joint survey conducted by Coldwell Banker CNET, 81 percent of potential homeowners who already own smart devices would be more likely to purchase a home with smart home tech preinstalled. That's pretty significant when you consider that 45 percent of Americans already own smart home devices or plan to soon.

The bottom line? If you're planning on putting your home on the market anytime soon, it's probably a good idea to smarten it up a bit before your realtor starts showing it. That doesn't have to mean a a huge investment of either time or money. Thanks to the affordability and easy installation of wireless smart home technologies like Z-Wave, you can transform your soon-to-be-ex home into a smart home in an afternoon.

  1. Start with Z-Wave starter kits like the "Welcome Home" Plug and Play bundle. This will let you create an inviting smart home environment for less than $500, complete with smart bulbs that simply screw into your existing light fixtures, and motion sensors that activate easy-to-program lighting scenes automatically. Imagine how impressed your potential buyers will be if the lights in a room magically turn on as soon as they walk through the door.

  2. Add enough smart lights and you can create entire lighting scenes that illuminate common areas of the home at the touch of a button. Or that dim the lights in the living room when you're ready to watch a movie. Or that turn front porch lights on automatically at night and off during the day.

  3. Smart locks can make showing your home so much easier, especially if you're not showing it yourself. You can give your real estate agent a unique code, and even keep track of who comes and goes when you're not there yourself. Since survey respondents also listed safety and security devices as highly important, you could add a water shutoff valve, then use water sensors inside and a few drops of water to demonstrate how your home is trained to stave off potential disaster before it happens.

  4. Add a personal digital voice assistant, like Amazon Echo. The Echo Dot costs just $50, and boasts compatibility with most Z-Wave smart hubs. And according to a more recent survey by Coldwell Banker, voice control is right at the top of the list that most people are looking for in a smart home, with 79 percent of Gen Xers, 74 percent of Millennials, and 63 percent of Baby Boomers expressing interest in voice controlled smart home tech.

So why not give them what they're looking for? The investment is tiny, and the payoff could be potentially huge, if it makes the difference between selling your home now and letting it linger on the market for months.


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